Introducing the Columbia University-based, Spring 2015 JGH Executive Team

TaylorTaylor Gray is a junior in Columbia College, majoring in Creative Writing with a concentration in Biology, while fulfilling the pre-health requirements. She is particularly interested in maternal and neonatal health. This is the sixth issue of JGH she has worked on, having been with the publication for the entirety of her time at Columbia. Outside of JGH, she is a health educator, leadership council member, and rising Co-Coordinator for Peer Health Exchange, a national organization which utilizes unpaid college volunteers to teach health workshops to high school students. Currently, she is a medical research intern at Biodigital, and during the summer, she works as a clinical assistant in a family practice. She also enjoys baking, travel, Broadway musicals, and watching Aggie football games back in her home state of Texas.

AnjaliAnjali Doshi is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Biophysics. She is interested in the genetic basis of cancer and the development of treatments for genetic diseases. This will be her sixth semester on JGH. As an Editor in Chief, she works with her co-Editor in Chief to help the the various boards of JGH function cohesively, guide the ERB towards publishing a high quality journal. and improve JGH both as a publication and as an organization. Outside of JGH, Anjali is the president of CU Ahimsa, Columbia’s Jain student organization, and investigates transcription regulation in E. coli in the Gottesman lab at Columbia University. She has also studied dendritic cell division in the Liu lab at Columbia and cellular senescence in tumor cell lines in the Kron lab at the University of Chicago. In her free time, Anjali enjoys card games, Jane Austen novels, and Bollywood movies. Despite JGH’s standard conventions, she is a devoted fan of the Oxford comma.

Managing Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

KristyKristy Choi is a sophomore in Columbia College studying Statistics and Computer Science with a particular interest in biostatistics and genomic data analysis. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant in the Pe’er Lab, working on analyzing single-cell RNA-sequencing data. She has been with JGH since her first semester of freshman year. In addition to editing at JGH, Kristy is a volunteer at the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and serves as an executive committee member for Columbia’s Application Development Initiative. In her free time, Kristy enjoys running, playing tennis, and going on shameless food tours downtown with friends.

Managing Editor, JGH Online

CynthiaCynthia Li is a Junior at Columbia College studying biology. Her interests include bioethics, the effect of globalization on global health, as well as genetics and epidemiology and the interdisciplinary aspects of science research. As the Managing Editor of JGH Online, Cynthia is involved in managing the creation of WiGH? podcasts. Outside of JGH, she is a research associate in the Mt. Sinai ER and mentors local high school students; she also works in a biology lab, researching the role of mRNA regulation in stem cells. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys playing volleyball, watching movies, Chinese painting, and exploring NYC.

Executive Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

BitaniaBitania Wondimu is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. She is interested in infectious diseases and epidemiology. As an Executive Editor, she works closely with graduate student advisors to integrate editing comments in manuscripts for publication. Outside of JGH, she is a Teaching Assistant for Contemporary Biology Lab, a volunteer at New York Presbyterian hospital and conducted research in the Hen lab at the New York Psychiatric Institute. In her free time, Bitania enjoys dancing, reading and exploring NYC.

Executive Editor, JGH Online

Eric_JGH Eric Wei is a junior in Columbia College studying Neuroscience and Behavior. He is especially interested in neurological disorders associated with pain and their molecular and cellular mechanisms. As the Executive Editor of WiGH, Eric oversees the production of WiGH? podcasts, from conceptualization to publication. He is always excited to discuss new ideas for WiGH?. Outside of JGH, Eric is a Resident Adviser, a volunteer coordinator for Student Health Outreach, and a research assistant in the Department of Anesthesiology at CUMC. Eric likes traveling, biking, and watching zombie movies.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

ZhenruiZhenrui Liao is a sophomore in SEAS majoring in Electrical Engineering and following the premedical curriculum. This will be his fourth semester on JGH. He is interested in the connections between digital signal processing and biological signalling and is doing research in a Computational Genomics lab to apply techniques from his field to analyze biological systems. After undergraduate, Zhenrui hopes to do an MD-PhD in Systems Biology. As senior editor, he leads a team of associate editors in editing manuscripts in global health for publication, and works with authors to integrate suggested edits. Outside of JGH, he is Teaching Assistant for a mathematical analysis class and leads a weekly discussion forum on ethics, philosophy, science, and current events. In his free time, Zhenrui enjoys taking walks down Manhattan, Broadway shows, and cooking.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

JeremyJeremy Sherman is a sophomore in Columbia College studying neuroscience and behavior, with aspirations of obtaining either an MD or PhD degree in his future.  His interests in public health include neurological and psychological disorders, and he works in a lab studying addiction and motivation at the New York Psychiatric Institute.  Jeremy has been with JGH since his first semester freshman year, and this is his first semester as a Senior Editor.  He is also the treasurer of the Columbia Neuroscience Society and a member of the Columbia Triathlon Team.  In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano, working out and creative writing.  Jeremy has also eaten an entire jar of peanut butter in one day.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
DianaDiana Ruan is a sophomore in Columbia College, majoring in Biochemistry and joyfully hopping along the pre-med track. She is particularly interested in bioethics, cardiology, oncology, and hepatology. As a senior editor, she works with the ERB and a dream team of associate editors to help spin submitted manuscripts into gold. Having been with JGH since the beginning of her college career, Diana hopes to grow alongside the journal and build it into a go-to resource for those interested in global health with the rest of the JGH team. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant in the Stockwell Lab studying a cell death mechanism with implications for cancer and neurodegeneration treatments. Outside of JGH, she is an I.I. Rabi Scholar, the External Communications Chair for the Academic Awards Committee of the Columbia College Student Council, and volunteer at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. In her free time, Diana enjoys cooking, rapping, watching shows on Netflix, reading, and attempting insane workout programs. Like Co-Editor-in-Chief Anjali Doshi, she is also an avid fan of the Oxford comma.

Executive Web Editor, JGH Online

KennethKenneth Li is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Biology and Economics and on the pre-med track. He is interested in public health, neuroscience, bioethics, oncology, computer science, and bioinformatics. He currently works at a lab specializing in understanding transcription and splicing of RNA in the nervous system and their relation to neurodegenerative diseases. He has been with JGH since freshman year and is currently involved in helping JGH maintain and enhance its presence on the world wide web. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano. Outside of JGH, he is involved in GlobeMed and Columbia Classical Performers. He aspires to pursue an MD after graduation.

Executive Director, Business & Communications Board
SandraSandra Yin is a freshman in Columbia College studying Biology and Economics, while fulfilling the pre-health requirements. Her recent research experience focuses on infectious diseases and pulmonary medicine. As the Executive Director of BCB, Sandra oversees all aspects of JGH’s finance and secures sponsorships and advertisements. Outside of JGH, she is the Vice President of RHLO Hall Council and Sales Associate at Spectator Publishing Company. She also serves as the Senior Financial Consultant for her 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit Terra. Sandra enjoys playing tennis, learning new musical instruments, and exploring restaurants in NYC.



Executive Director, Business & Communications Board

Yasaman Seyedi is a junior in Columbia College, studying Biochemistry and Business Management. This is her fifth semester on JGH, being a part of both the Editorial Review Board and the Business & Communications Board. As the Executive Director of BCB, she manages JGH’s finances and secures corporate and departmental sponsorships. In addition to JGH, Yasaman is a research assistant in a Biochemistry lab at Columbia University Medical Center, studying the effects of gene mutations on bacterial persistence. She is also involved with Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the International Student Orientation Program. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city, playing volleyball, and traveling.

Executive Publication Strategist

Margaret Chou is a Columbia College junior majoring in Biology. As an Executive

Publication Strategist, Margaret is responsible for reaching out to other organizations and

increasing the viewership of JGH. Hailing from New Jersey, her interests include microbiology, music, and sports medicine. Outside of JGH, she works in the Dietrich lab, where she studies pattern formation in multicellular bacterial communities. Whenever there is free time, Margaret enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and wandering around the city looking for new restaurants.

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