Introducing the Columbia University-based, Spring 2014 JGH Executive Team

Kelsey Roberts is a senior in Columbia College, majoring in biology. She is especially interested in developmental health and bioethics. Outside of JGH, Kelsey conducts research in the Hobert lab at Columbia University, where she studies cell-fate specification of motor neuron subtypes in C. elegans. She has also worked in the Joyner lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, studying the interaction of the engrailed homeobox transcription factors and the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in cerebellar development. She has also been involved in Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society’s community outreach movement and has volunteered as an art teacher at a local public school.

Managing Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
David Gabriel is a Senior in Columbia College, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a concentration in Statistics and has specific interests in genetic neurologic disorders and public mental health care. David has worked with JGH for the entirety of his time at Columbia and works with the ERB to help edit, revise and finalize manuscripts for publication. Further, David works as a research assistant in Columbia’s Department of Psychology and a teaching assistant in the biology department. David also enjoys playing tennis, reading and following the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers.

Managing Editor, JGH Online
Cynthia Li is a junior at Columbia College studying biology. Her interests include bioethics and the effect of globalization on global health as well as the interdisciplinary aspects of science research. As the Managing Editor of JGH Online, Cynthia is involved in organizing editing groups, training and helping editors, and overseeing the creation and publication of WiGH? podcasts. Outside of JGH, she works in a Manley lab at Columbia University researching the role of mRNA regulation in ALS. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys playing volleyball, watching movies, Chinese painting, and exploring NYC.

Executive Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
Jason Kang is a Columbia Engineering junior studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science with a particular interest in developing treatments for cancers and diseases. He has previously worked with omega-3 fatty acids at the Laboratory for Lipid Medicine and Technology, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, and has also investigated cell communication at the Sia Lab, Columbia University. Currently, he is developing a device to manage postpartum hemorrhaging in third world countries at Jibon Health Technologies. In addition to editing for JGH, Jason is a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon, a COÖP leader, and a MATLAB Teacher Assistant. In his free time, Jason enjoys running and eating good food.

Executive Editor, JGH Online
Eric Wei is a junior in Columbia College studying Neuroscience and Behavior. He is especially interested in neurological disorders and the neural basis of pain. As the Executive Editor of WiGH, Eric oversees the production of WiGH? podcasts, from conceptualization to publication. He is always excited to discuss new ideas for WiGH. Outside of JGH, Eric is a Resident Adviser, a volunteer coordinator for Student Health Outreach, and a research assistant in the Department of Anesthesiology at CUMC. Eric likes traveling, biking, and watching zombie movies.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
Taylor Gray is a sophomore in Columbia College, majoring in Creative Writing with a concentration in Biology, while fulfilling the Pre-Health requirements. She is particularly interested in maternal and neonatal health. This is the fourth issue of JGH she has worked on, having been with the publication for the entirety of her time at Columbia. As senior editor, she leads a team of associate editors to edit and finalize the manuscripts for publication. Outside of JGH, she is a health educator for Peer Health Exchange, teaching high school freshmen about healthy relationships. During the summer, she works as a clinical assistant at a family practice. She also enjoys reading, writing, travel, Broadway musicals, and watching Aggie football games back home in Texas.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
Ben Joffe is a junior in Columbia College studying Biology. He is especially interested in the subspecialities of immunology and genetics, as well as how they can be utilized for healthcare advancements. Ben has been a part of the JGH editing team for two previous issues, and now will coordinate his own team of editors in his new position as a senior editor. In addition to his work with JGH, Ben is a teaching assistant for the Contemporary Biology Lab course, as well as an investigator in large-scale research projects outside of Columbia. He also enjoys spending time reading, listening to all different types of music, and watching science fiction shows.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
Anjali Doshi is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Biophysics. She is interested in the genetic basis of cancer and the development of treatments for genetic diseases. This will be her fifth semester on JGH. As a Senior Editor, she works with a team of Associate Editors through multiple rounds of revision to produce publication-ready manuscripts. Outside of JGH, Anjali is the president of CU Ahimsa, Columbia’s Jain student organization, and investigates transcription regulation in E. coli in the Gottesman lab at Columbia University. She has also studied cellular senescence in tumor cell lines in the Kron lab at the University of Chicago. In her free time, Anjali enjoys crochet, Photoshop and Bollywood movies.

Executive Web Editor, JGH Online
Veronica Li is a Columbia Engineering senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Earth and Environmental Engineering. As Executive Web Editor, she oversees JGH’s web design and development. Outside of JGH, Veronica works in biological research studying the role of the C9orf72 protein in the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spends time building and testing a car that runs and stops solely through chemical reactions. She is also on the board of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers chapter at Columbia. In her free time, she enjoys searching for good food to eat around the city, and singing to songs in different languages.

Executive Director, Business & Communications Board
Grant King

Executive Director, Business & Communications Board
Katherine Jin is a sophomore in Columbia College. Outside of JGH, she is an intern at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital’s trauma center. In addition, Katherine is a program coordinator for Health Leads, a tour guide for Columbia’s Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, an active member of St Luke’s Academic Associates, and a senior editor for the Journal of Politics and Society. She has also worked as an undergraduate researcher at the James Manley Biology Lab at Columbia University where she investigated the genetic causes of ALS. In her free time, Katherine enjoys playing piano, watching Star Trek and eating fruit.

Executive Design Editor
Esther Jung is a Barnard College junior majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. She is a research assistant in the Gingrich lab at New York State Psychiatric Institute, where she studies genetics and schizophrenia in animal models. As Executive Design Editor, Esther is responsible for advising the JGH Executive Team on the aesthetic and visual appeal of JGH’s website and print issue. Esther also films and edits videos for video episodes of WiGH?. Outside of JGH, she serves as the blog and photo director of Hoot Magazine, Columbia University’s fashion publication. In her free time, Esther enjoys trying cuisines of different countries, going to art museums, and taking photos.

Executive Publication Strategist
Noah Chodos is a Columbia College junior pursuing a major in Biochemistry. As Executive Publication Strategist, he focuses on external communication projects and hopes to help JGH reach a broader audience. Outside of JGH, Noah is a member of the cross country/track & field teams at Columbia and is a student researcher in the McDermott lab where he researches the interactions of various proteins with water by means of solid state NMR spectroscopy. When he is not in lab or working on a problem set, Noah enjoys following his Philly sports teams and exploring New York City on his bike.

Executive Publication Strategist
Margaret Chou is a Columbia College junior majoring in Biology. As an Executive Publication Strategist, Margaret is responsible for reaching out to other organizations and increasing the viewership of JGH. Hailing from New Jersey, her interests include microbiology, travelling, and music. Outside of JGH, she works in the Dietrich lab, where she studies pattern formation in multicellular bacterial communities. Whenever there is free time, Margaret dabbles with the piano or guitar and wanders around the city looking for new restaurants.

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