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ZhenruiZhenrui Liao is a senior in SEAS pursuing a Combined BS-MS in Electrical Engineering while also following the premedical curriculum. He has been involved in JGH since the first semester of his freshman year. He is interested in the connections between machine learning and biological learning, and works in Losonczy Lab, where he uses imaging, electrophysiology and behavioral methods to understand how neural network organization enables learning. His MS Concentration is in Systems Biology and Neuroengineering. After Columbia, Zhenrui hopes to pursue an MD-PhD in Computational Neuroscience to bridge engineering, neuroscience, and medicine. In 2015, he founded the European branch of JGH while on exchange at Imperial College London.

Managing Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
RahiRahi Punjabi is a junior in SEAS majoring in Applied Mathematics. He has been with JGH since his first semester at Columbia and enjoys learning about various global health issues from the submitted manuscripts. Previously, Rahi has conducted research on immunotherapeutics for bacterial meningitis and the genomics of breast cancer pathology. Outside of JGH, he is a member of the Columbia Triathlon Team and enjoys travelling, hiking, and exploring NYC.

Executive Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

EmilyEmily Sun is a sophomore in Columbia College, double-majoring in biology and English. She has been involved with JGH since her freshman year, and is passionate about public health, writing, and the intersection of the two in the context of using writing to effectively educate the public about health issues. She is currently studying cognitive reserve at the Columbia University Medical Center, and is also an I.I. Rabi Scholar, member of Columbia University Global Brigades, and a co-treasurer and literature specialist for Columbia University Quiz Bowl. Previously, she studied DNA damage repair mechanisms at the Scripps Research Institute and served as editor-in-chief of the international, student-run Journal of Youths in Science. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and eating the carne asada fries of her hometown, San Diego. She also won Jeopardy! one time.

Executive Editor, JGH Online

RicardoRicardo de Luca e Tuma is a senior in Columbia College double majoring in Biology and Anthropology. This is his second year at the helm of the “What is Global Health?” podcast and the journal’s online content. Ricardo is particularly interested in the intersection of medicine as a scientific endeavour and as a community based approach to health, taking into account both biological and social determinants of health. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, he is particularly interested in the delicate balance between medical assistance and neo-imperialism amongst developing non-Western nations.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)
SmritiSmriti Kanangat is a junior in CC double majoring in Biology and Economics. She is interested in cancer research, and she is currently involved in a brain tumor research lab uptown at Columbia University Medical Center. This is Smriti’s fifth semester with JGH. Unlike the rest of the board, who submitted their biographies on time, Smriti’s bio is incomplete, so in order to make the website work properly and prevent her photo from spilling into Sid’s bio, making this webpage look bad, I had to add this random filler text here. Good job Smriti! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board (ERB)

SidSidney Perkins is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering. He first became interested in global health through his experiences in Engineers Without Borders. This is now his fourth semester with the Journal of Global Health. Sidney pursues research in shoulder biomechanics in the Biomaterials and Interface Tissue Engineering Laboratory, and previously studied the mechanotransductive effects of fluid flow in the generation of atherosclerosis in endothelial tissue, a subject on which he has published twice. Sidney is a Joshua Allyn Scholar and is also pursuing research in rapid neonatal sepsis diagnosis. He is also committed to the wellbeing of his fellow undergraduates at Columbia, serving as the Vice President of Policy for the Engineering Student Council. When he’s not in the lab or at council meetings, Sidney can be found playing Brahms, Chopin, and Debussy on one of the many pianos on campus. He also loves to run, hike, and swim. Sidney hails from Tully, NY.

Executive Web Editor, JGH Online

Kenneth Li is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Biology and Economics and on the pre-med track. He is interested in public health, neuroscience, bioethics, oncology, computer science, and bioinformatics. He currently works at a lab specializing in understanding transcription and splicing of RNA in the nervous system and their relation to neurodegenerative diseases. He has been with JGH since freshman year and is currently involved in helping JGH maintain and enhance its presence on the world wide web. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano. Outside of JGH, he is involved in GlobeMed and Columbia Classical Performers. He aspires to pursue an MD after graduation.

Executive Director, Business & Communications Board
Nathan Lam is a freshman in Columbia College.