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Spring 2017 applications are now closed.

The Journal of Global Health (JGH) is an international media organization dedicated to featuring original student research in public health, spotlighting grassroots public health activism led by students, and examining the philosophical underbelly of science research. Our organization manages Columbia’s first-ever podcast on science philosophy in addition to being the premier, undergraduate-run global health publication in the United States. With submissions, subscribers, and authors representing over 70 institutions spanning 5 continents, we are proudly one of Columbia’s fastest-growing and largest student organizations.
We are no longer accepting editor applications for Spring 2017. If you are interested in joining us, we invite you to apply in our Fall 2017 recruitment round, to take place in September.
Questions? Please contact us.

Description of Undergraduate Boards

Editorial Review Board:

The Editorial Review Board (ERB) is responsible for reviewing all of our submissions for the spring and fall JGH issues. The ERB: a) Identifies likely candidates for publication in JGH b) Edits manuscripts for content, clarity, writing style, and citations c) Provides constructive criticism of manuscripts d) Works closely with authors to revising manuscripts e) Conducts interviews and writes opinion-based editorials that synthesize the viewpoints of public health researchers and activists within and beyond the Columbia University community.

Associate editors are expected to (1) complete edits of various manuscripts through four rounds of editing over the course of the semester and (2) attend bi-weekly, hour-long editing meetings lead by senior editors.


The Online/WiGH Team produces episodes for the podcast “What is Global Health?” (WiGH), focusing on topics that bridge the sciences and humanities. JGH WiGH? members work on:

  1. a) Identifying and contacting podcast interviewees
  2. b) Writing compelling interview questions
  3. c) Conducting interviews, hosting podcasts in an entertaining and informative manner
  4. d) Editing audio into one cohesive episode.

Training is provided for all of these responsibilities; experience is not necessary.

Business & Communications Board:

The Business and Communications Board (BCB) is responsible for overseeing the financial health of JGH and:

  1. a) Securing corporate and departmental sponsorships
  2. b) Soliciting advertisements for our print issue
  3. c) Managing JGH’s finances
  4. d) Coordinating marketing and distribution of our print issue
  5. e) Managing social networking operations
  6. f) Organizing events on campus

Publication & Distribution:

The Publication & Distribution (PR) team is responsible for: (1) taking charge of the process of distributing the printed journals, including to authors, various other institutions and offices at Columbia, (2) expanding our global reach both in terms of subscribers and contributing authors and sending out calls for submission to various institutions.


The HTML / Web Design Team is responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website layouts. Web Design team members work with JGH Online Team members to publish podcast episodes as well as the ERB in order to publish the print issue online. Team members should be able to work independently and learn quickly. No experience is necessary but is preferred. Team members will mostly work with WordPress.

Design & Layout:

The Design and Layout Team (D&L) is responsible for making JGH publications appear professional and aesthetically pleasing. They are responsible for putting together: a) Our fall and spring publications; b) Advertising and publicity publications (e.g., Ratebook, JGH informational brochures); and c) A creative and visually striking cover for each JGH issue. The JGH D&L team primarily uses Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator for these projects. Applicants need not have prior experience with these programs, though it is helpful.