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South Africa’s Return to Primary Care: The Struggles and Strides of the Primary Health Care System

In May and June 2013, the author traveled to Cape Town, South Africa and volunteered at a large public primary health care facility. By discussing the current challenges of the South African health care system from personal experiences in the clinic, this paper highlights the central problems that continue today and suggests areas for improvement within primary health care in the post-apartheid nation.

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Political Systems and Health Inequity: Connecting Apartheid Policies to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in South Africa

The persistent inequality in the delivery of health care within South Africa is illustrated in the nation’s distribution of HIV/AIDS; black South Africans bear the highest burden of disease. This paper argues that the current inability of the South African government to adequately address the HIV/AIDS epidemic is symptomatic of still-existing apartheid ideologies in the healthcare system, faulty public-private relationships, and structural gaps between health policy making and implementation.

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