Faith: Friend or Foe? The Rise of Faith Healing in Tanzania and Its Impact on Community Understanding of HIV

This paper investigates the origin of Loliondo’s faith healing movement and the factors leading to the popularization of Babu as a faith healer. Furthermore, it surveys the impact that the Loliondo phenomenon has had on a specific rural community’s understanding of HIV and on the interface between biomedical and faith-based treatment interventions. Finally, it addresses potential community-based initiatives that NGOs and other health organizations can support to consistently and understandingly address this and similar situations.

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The Influence of Lipodystrophy and Traditional Medicine on ART Adherence in Tanzania

Administration of antiretroviral therapy (ART) to HIV-infected patients is a major public health priority in resource-limited settings. Emerging data from resource-limited settings suggest that rates of ART adherence are comparable to those reported in European and North American countries. However, data on initial acceptance of ART and factors affecting adherence are very limited. We assessed the influence of lipodystrophy (LD) and the use of traditional medicine (TM) on acceptance of and adherence to ART among HIV-infected subjects in Tanzania eligible for treatment.

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