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Kenneth Li

The GoViral Study is a community participatory research study that was initiated in 2013 . It aims to map, monitor and measure the spread of acute respiratory infections within and across communities using a novel participatory disease surveillance strategy. Their strategy entails having community members sign up for the study online, request a kit, and then self-collect a fluid specimen whenever they fall sick. the study participants can send their kits to a lab where they perform a PCR respiratory assay to assess which viruses are present in the specimens. The ability to monitor the spread of ARIs in the community is a novel and potentially revolutionary approach to disease surveillance because there is not much community data on this. The study allows us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of disease burden outside of data that is limited or confined to clinical data. Given their recent success they are also planning on expandingGoViral to at least two other cities: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Istanbul, Turkey. We are joined by Professor Rumi Chunara who is the he Principal Investigator for this study and is based at the NYU College of Global Public Health and NYU Tandon School of Engineering., as well as Sofia Ahsanuddin a Research Associate at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.