About Us

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We’re for students, and we’re by students.

The Journal of Global Health (JGH) is Columbia University’s premier undergraduate-run public health publication and media organization. We are committed to featuring original student research in public health and spotlighting grassroots public health activism; with subscribers and authors representing 70+ institutions in 10+ countries spanning 5 continents, JGH provides a forum for students to catalyze dialogue and spark productive exchange. Student public health activists and researchers worldwide have great potential to build a cohesive and dynamic community-—we aim to give them the voice to do so. We are proudly Columbia’s first student-run public health publication. Moving forward, we see JGH becoming an indispensable medium that features the work of student re­searchers and activists from across the globe, each examining public health problems in his or her own community. We hope to harness the untapped power of these students, build upon each other’s contri­butions, and synergize solutions that are local in approach but redefine “global” in their impact.

What is Global Health? (WiGH?)

WiGH? (pronounced “Whig”) is JGH’s new digital media initiative. Students engaged in grassroots public health activism and fieldwork too often do not have the clout to publish their work or translate their experience into social change. WiGH? seeks to amplify their voices and provide a much-needed medium for worldly, engaged scholarship. Through WiGH?, JGH will produce weekly podcasts, videos, and webcasts of interviews conducted with scientists, public health researchers, and, most importantly, student leaders to answer provocative and controversial questions in science and medicine.

Mission Statement

To facilitate dialogue between students at the undergraduate and graduate level on innovative solutions to interdisciplinary global health issues from a variety of academic, cultural, and geographic perspectives. View our current Executive Board here.